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Hi there, I have mentioned my sore urethra and urethral urgency before today. The urgency may be easing up Im pleased to say although I darent get too excited about it just yet.
My numb bladder doesnt help though because I cant either feel when it is full or when I need to wee. The result is that I have to keep an eye on how much I have drank and the time to get a rough idea when to go to bathroom. Its now 16.35 pm and Ive only been to bathroom once since my first early morning wee at 8.30am! Up to press I have drank 1250ml. I usually drink about 1750ml by the end of the day.
Anyone else out there with a numb bladder or who goes to the bathroom very infrequently. It will end up being only 4 or 5 times all day. 8.30am, 1.30pm, 5pm, 7.30pm and maybe 10.15pm. They arent big voids either. But Im not retaining or anything. This is how things are for me most days.
If I hadnt have remembered to go to bathroom at 1.30pm, I could have easily still not have been by now.
Cant imagine why my bladder is numb. Its either linked to hip replacement op almost 2 years ago or its linked to the bad pain I had in my bladder during the first shocking urgency episode a few weeks after the hip operation. I wonder if something was damaged inside me the day of the urgency episode.
Anyway I know it doesnt feel right as things are but at least the urgency is lessening a bit.
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