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I have had an over active bladder for years!!!! I have good spells and ridiculously bad spells when I go what feels like every 5 minutes!!!!!
I have tried a few drugs but most of them had side effects that did'nt agree with me. Myrabegron being the latest that I instantly came out in a rash with. So I have just had to grin and bear it....... easier said than done. I work offshore so the helicopter ride of over an hour in each direction in a survival suit along with the 40 minute wait to board the thing is a monthly private hell. 
I have just recently seen something called diabetes insipidus mentioned on the internet ( I'd never heard of it before). Where the bladder cant hold water and is always wanting to empty. I wonder if the OAB symptoms could actually be something like this? It does sound like the same kind of symptoms.

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Hello timetogoagain

Welcome to our Forum and so sorry no one has felt able to offer any advice for you.

As you will have read , sadly our Bladder is sooooo sensitive, and this organ has the most nerve endings, and can react to so many different factors, and each individual,we try and find the cause that sets us in a loop of upsets.Diet can sometimes be a BIG culprit and there are many links detailing what are usually No No's.
As you say you have good spells and bad, so wonder if you keep a diary of food and activities, to try and find a cause?

Oh dear, am sure the stress of those long helicopter trips do not help, Do you wear continence pads? this may give you some comfort on the journey.

Also may I suggest you contact BHUK, who I am sure will have more advice , and I also offer some links for you.
OAB taken from our website

and Diabetes UK

Hope this may help and do please keep posting.
Kind regards


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