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In October 2012, I had my prostate removed via (Keyhole Prostatectomy), prior to my operation i did visit the toilet 2 or 3 times per night, but never diagnosed with an OAB. Since the operation my bladder has gone crazy, on average i now visit the toilet 14 times per day (not allowed any quality sleep)

1) In January 2014, I had a special bladder x-ray (urodynamics) and diagnosed as OAB
2) In September 2014, I had 10* (100 units) of botulium intoxin injections (botox) into my bladder to calm it down, but didn't work
3) In March 2015, I had stronger dose of 10* (200 units) of botulium intoxin injections, they also didn't work
4) In November 2015, I had another special bladder x-ray (urodynamics) and this time, diagnosed with a "sensory bladder disorder"
5) In December 2015, I had an Ambulatory Urodynamics and awaiting results

apart from everything, I've also been left with severe incontinence since my operation, using 8 pads per day. I was 54 yrs old when i had the operation.
I'm posting this message in search of any male, who perhaps suffered with an OAB prior to an Open Prostatectomy or Keyhole Prostatectomy, and as to what symptoms resulted since (have they been similar?), whether negative or positive, and have had any further surgery? Thanks

Marc  [smile]

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Hello Marc
Welcome to our Forum, I have started your post as a new thread, in the hope that one of our lurking Male Members may be able to offer you some advice.

You may also wish to become a Member of COB, as you would then have access to so much more , including contact with our special Male advisor.

It may also help to look through our COB website,and you will see we also have an excellent Medical advisor, that the Office may be able to contact for you, with your specific query.

Am so sorry to read of your incontinence, after all you have been through, and wonder if you have had any response/assistance from your Doctor/Nurse.Have they been able to offer you any advice?Or are they waiting results of your Ambulatory Urodynamics .?

Do please let us know your progress, and hope that it will assist other Males reading ,and give them thought, to maybe, post their own queries.

Kind regards

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