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Can I ask are gluten free oats okay to eat?  I have some which are produced where they say no cross-contamination etc from other grains...but just wondered how others have faired with brands of gluten free oats.  I am starving...and fading here as so much upsets my symptoms.  Just at a loss as to what to eat anymore.  Even fish now gives me a reaction.

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Hello MollyB

I eat porridge for breakfast most mornings as breakfast cerials containing wheat bran make me very bloated and give me stomach pains. I am sorry to hear that you are struggling with diet at the moment. Are you a COB member? Have you thought about having a nutritional assessment with our COB nutritionist? I found her very helpful when I was having problems a couple of years ago.

Susannah Fraser

for Bladder Health UK

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I recommend Glebe Farm gluten-free porridge oats.  

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Hi Molly B,

Nairns do gluten free oats which are apparently grown in separation from wheat but also manufactured on different machinery to avoid contamination.

However, do bear in mind that it could be GRAINS as a whole which you cannot tolerate. It is now widely known by top immunologists and very clued up gluten specialists in the USA, that the whole gluten issue now goes much further than just wheat, barley, rye, spelt etc. Scientists have now discovered that people who are sensitive to gluten (not necessarily Coeliac - i.e. Non-Coeliac Gluten Sensitivity (NCGS) people can have an immune system that will react just as severely to wheat glutens - because gluten and gliadin have the same protein structures as say rice, quinoa, all oats. They have now discovered that often people on a gluten free diet do not get completely well and this is because all oats, rice,  quinoa, buckwheat and all the grains that people will eat instead of wheat, actually carry a cross-reactivity and protein make up the same as gluten and that the body sees these grains also a if they were gluten and not only attack gluten but the body tissue as well (autoimmune response - attacking self).

So you may need to avoid all grains completely.  There are some new tests in the UK - Cyrex Laboratories, which tests for cross reactive issues on grain.  May be worth looking this out or avoid all grains.

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Thanks.  I did get one that was supposed to have no cross contamination and packaged in a factory etc using different machinery.  Can I ask where your wealth of knowledge comes from?  Thanks.

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Hi Molly,

I research a lot, am hugely interested in the whole issue of humans eating grain and believe that many chronic illnesses come as a result of gluten and grain consumption for which our digestive systems have not evolved enough to successfully deal with.

I also listed to all the lectures on the Gluten Summit (broadcast Nov 2013). This was a series of daily lectures over a week or two with new information on gluten from the USA by world immunologists and gluten specialists. In these lectures and discussions the whole issue of Non-Coeliac Gluten sensitivity was addressed and how so many chronic illness from mental health, to inflammatory, skin, muscle, tissue and so many other conditions can be caused by the bodies inability to digest the complex proteins in grains and how they set up auto-immune conditions.  The organiser of this summit is I believe currently in the UK to bring this new information to as many people as possible.  I hope the UK take notice of it !
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