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Hi, Susannah, could you please send me your suggestions for D mannose too? I might need to review the supplier. Thanks.

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I've been taking them for just over two weeks now and they've helped a bit.

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I'm not sure how to do a new post so replying to this in hope it will be read as it concerns OOO & GSE.
I've been suffering with a sensitive/irritable & cystitis prone bladder for so many years now (on & off since my teens), but it seems to be getting worse as I'm now going through 'the change'.  I've seen Dr A for a few years & last had Trimethoprim in September, since then I've followed Dr A's guidance & everyday taken 3 x 2 teaspoons of D mannose as a maintenance dose & done well but unfortunately the most recent flare has come back worse than ever as soon as soon as I stopped taking GSE & OOO.  I then had a bad reaction to Trimethoprim (I'm also allergic to Nitro).  I'm now back on GSE & OOO 2 or 3 times daily & realise I can't constantly be on these.  I've also just read GSE can be toxic & do more harm than good.  I've spoken to a homeopath who suggested Caprylic acid & Butylic acid (not sure of spelling) in addition to OOO as this may help with the candida which could be causing the bladder problems, has anyone used these products & if so what was the outcome?
I've sent samples to Dr A to be tested Monday & they were received Tuesday but don't know when I can get a prescription for anti's or speak to Dr A as now the hols. I can't see my GP until next Friday!
In addition to the above I have an enlarged thyroid which is slightly overactive (being monitored), very hormonal & unfortunately recently discovered a large lump in my breast (which I have an appointment for this weekend).  I can deal with one thing but feel so low with the UTI & everything going on.  I feel completely washed out, tearful & tired & just don't know where to go from here, this is the worst I've ever felt.  So sorry for the outpouring of wretchedness. x

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There is absolutely nothing to apologise for. Our wretched bladders let us down just when we don’t need it and everyone on this forum will understand.

One great thing about Dr A is that she will come back to you so don’t think that you are abandoned. She should be able to advise asap what has been found in your sample plus susceptibilities. What I would do in the meantime is up the D Mannose to a teaspoon every 2 hours for the next 48-72 hours and yes that includes at night. Keep the urine as alkaline as possible. If you have pain, pop an ice pack between the legs and a hot water bottle on the back or lower abdomen. Take some pain relief. Frankly the weather forecast for this weekend is so bloomin miserable you are perfectly entitled to spend four days on the sofa or in bed but don’t eat any chocolate as your bugs will just love all that sweet treat food source.

GSE unfortunately is not completely capable of knocking out coliforms such as ecoli and it may be that the ecoli has flared up. You could try Urva Ursi. It’s a very strong antibimicrobial and should only be taken 5 times a year.

As with any antimicrobial always take a good probiotic around 2 hours before or afterwards. Natural remedies work in exactly the same way as abs in that they knock out the good guys as well as the bad guys in the gut.

The change is a horror for causing bladder problems and an upsurge in UTIs due to our reduced oestrogen levels in both the vagina and bladder. One good thing about Dr A is that she has plenty of experience with ladies and their hormone issues so you can discuss these with her too.

Try to take everything one step at a time. The thyroid could be down to the change and hopefully your GP can resolve this with appropriate medication and guidance. It’s great you have a rapid appointment for the lump. It could be completely benign, try not to think the worst. Our health services once they kick into action are very good at getting you seen and cared for quickly.

Just rest this weekend and I’ve attached a link to a guided pelvic meditation to help calm the nervous system. Deep belly breaths also really help and I mean deep - take it right in so your ribcage fully expands and then let it right out and I mean right out. Do this 2-3 times a day. If you can, get some Bach Flowers rescue rememdy which is very calming or Kalms which are entirely natural and are available at your local chemist.

We will be around all of this holiday weekend, so please don’t feel isolated.


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Thank you so much Susan, it's good not to feel so isolated. Appreciate your advice & kind words & I'll deep belly breathe x

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Hello lottieloo

So pleased you find Susan's excellent comments helpful, as she says we are always here to listen.
Do let us know your results of this weekend tests,you certainly could have done with out the added stress.

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Manuka Honey does anyone else take this once aday like me ? I take a teaspoon of Rowse 10+ manuka honey daily I’ve read it’s good for the bladder ???? Any thoughts on this most welcome cheers Mike
M hughes
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