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Hello all. Ive had cystitis occasionally over the last 15 years or so. But in the last 5 years I noticed drinking orange juice was giving me cystitis symptoms so I stopped drinking anything citrus.

Then recently I started drinking alot of bottled mineral water because I wanted to up my water intake but the water in my area is hard water (and I was worried about kidney stones from long term hard water intake) and now its happening again.
I drank a small bottle of Buxtons mineral water about 5 hours ago and now I have the symptoms of cyctitis.

So this prompted me to come on the internet and see if anyone has the same problem or if anyone knows why this is happening?
Im baffled, I didnt think there was anything harmful in mineral water.
Also I get these symptoms when I drink Cola. I feel like Im running out of things to drink lol.
Id like to know if theres a proper name or term for whats happening.
I look forward to your replies


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Hi MistyMe,
There can be quite alot of sodium in bottled water although i do think that Buxton has one of the lowest levels.
I have found that drinking too much of anything just aggrivates things.
Of course you must stay hydrated but just sip ehen you're thirsty, i have a Britta water filter as my water is pretty nasty too.
Hope you feel better soon,
take care

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I stick to Evian after seeing it mentioned on here. It seems to have more bicarbonates and less sodium than some. Highland Spring is not too bad. I use Evian all the time at home and also at work to use with my Tick Tock red bush tea.The thread I followed also said that Volvic was one of the worst - again down to the mineral content. When I am out and about a lot I get the beginnings of a flare and I am not sure if it is because I am drinking less overall or because of less Evian and more tap or other brands of water. My son laughed when he found out I have switched to Evian as he has bought it for years because "it is the only water that doesn't taste of anything". Hope you soon improve.

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I can't drink fizzy water at all, but not noticed any difference between other bottled varieties.

The difference in amount of sodium between one bottled water and another is fairly small when compared to the amount of sodium you could get from some foods e.g. cheese.  Maybe the difference in symptoms comes from something else, like the pH of the different bottled waters - e.g. Aqua Pura has lower pH than Evian (a touch to the acidic side), Buxton is similar to Evian on the pH level.  Has anyone looked into this already? (I'm new around here!!)


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Hello, thanks for the replies.
Yes I guess I havent taken much notice of what brands of water give me the most trouble. I tend to just grab whats cheapest on the shelf at the time. I noticed the prob with the Buxton one the other day because the discomfort soon after drinking it.
I think Ive drank Highland Spring with no problems and Asdas own brand is fine.
I could get a water filter for my tap water, Ive heard the filters can cause aggravation aswell though?

Its all very frustrating because my doctor, well shes not very good when it comes to ANYTHING to do with 'down there' to be honest and her answer is 'well just stop drinking the things that aggravate it' I want her to find an explanation of what exactly is causing the prob


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If I get some time tomorrow I'll compare the nutritional values on the brands you mention - see if there's anything that might shed some light on it.

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OK. I've compared the data on 6 brands - Highland Spring, Evian, Buxton, Aqua Pura, Volvic and Sainsbury's Caledonian.  Mistyme, if you have an Asda one in the house perhaps you could post the nutritional data?  You got symptoms from Buxton's but not Highland Spring:-

The bicarb level in HS is 150, Buxton is 248
The sodium level in HS is 5.6, Buxton is 24
The chloride level in HS is 6.1, Buxton is 37
The sulphur level in HS is 5.3, Buxton is 13

There was little difference in other values, including the pH.  If your symptoms were definitely due to the bottled water, I would suspect the sodium content but it could be the bicarb or the chloride too.  Volvic's sodium is 11.6 but it is low on bicarb at 71 and its chloride is 13.5 (twice that of HS).  Aqua Pura looks Ok on all fronts, except its pH is on the acid side at 6.9 (only a tad below neutral, but use/test carefully).

Sainsbury's Caledonian is probably safe to try - its sodium level is only a bit up from HS and its pH is 7.4 (HS is 7.8).

If you have symptoms that settle quickly you may want to experiment to see which brand you have best tolerance to.  Evian has a higher bicarb level at 360 (HS 150), which may suit some people but not others. 

As you were OK on HS Mistyme, I would stick to that but test Sainsburys Caledonian if you can, and report back!!

Oh - one other possibility is that the reaction to Buxton's may be due to its overall mineral content, rather than any single factor.

Hope that's useful


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My doctor recommends natural spring water rather than mineral water (which can be too harsh with some minerals).

Evian is good but Lidl also do a spring water which is very cheap and I've been fine on it for 6 months now.  Carreg Glenn I think is the name.  Make sure the ph is between 7 and 8.

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Word of caution when buying your bottled water  also please check where it is stored.
If it is near chemicals  eg ; bleach etc, this can effect the quality and taste of the water.


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Hello, thanks for the replies. Ah so Highland Spring is lower in everything compared to Buxton.
I drank a large bottle of Tescos Value Still Water last night and had only a minor discomfort which lasted for an hour or so. Maybe the known brands have all these extra things added which the cheaper bog standard ones tend to leave out?


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I beleive all carbonated drinks irritate the bladder, I only drink filtered water, I have a Brita filter jug at home. Caffeinated drinks and fruit juices irritate my bladder also. I drink vanilla or caramel flavoured milk (not chocolate) it irritates me also, and I drink the occassional chai latte at the coffee shops. These are the only drinks I find my bladder can tolerate.


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  What is the best bottled water to drink to lessen bladder irritation?


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Hiya everyone,

I wanted to give you all a tip to make your symptoms a little less bad. Often when urine is too acidic it causes bladder discomfort (I have found anyway), so I take quarter or half a tea spoon of bicarbonate of soda in a glass of water when my bladder symptoms flare up. This helps your fluids to become alkaline. Be careful though because bicarb has a high content of sodium and it is advised not to have more than 4 glasses of half a tsp a day. 

Obviously the best thing would be to make sure you only ever eat/drink things that are safe and keep your pH level at a good neautral or alkaline state but its very difficult to do this.

Also thought I'd just mention that I drink filtered water without any problems, I have a boots own brand filter (because they are cheaper than the britta ones) I have used boots and britta filters in there before and seem to react to neither.


Full IC diagnosis. Currently in remission for over 3 years.
Intolerant to soy, gluten and potato. 

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Hello, thanks for the replies.
Has anyone tried boiling the water that aggravates and drinking it?
Ive noticed the tap water in a new area Ive moved to is undrinkable straight from the tap, its gives me terrible cystitis symptoms. So I boiled some up last night and drank it after it cooled and still the same problem

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i have had problems with bottled water aswell, i could not have volvic or tap water, when buying water i strongly suggest that you all look at labels as to get water that wont aggrivate your bladder, it has to have a high PH level abd low potassuim number. as i find water like that is more gentle on the bladder, I know look at the labels everytime i buy water to make sure i get the right levels, most waters will be high in PH and low in pottassuim, i have a found a very good one called isklar and can get it in waitrose

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