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Hi everyone,
I had a horrible shock yesterday, I am being treated by a medical herbalist who said she wanted me to drink only evian water. So yesterday I bought a few bottles and started working my way through a litre bottle throughout the day, by the evening my bladder was really sore, esp the urethra. I have read that some people react because of the sulphates and other mineral compositions. I think evian is a no no for me. There was nothing I eaten that could have caused any issues as far as I am aware. I just ate meat, veg, fruit and some rice cakes with cheese. I am normally fine with all of these foods so I came to the conclusion that it mustve been the change of water.

little_ducks x

Full IC diagnosis. Currently in remission for over 3 years.
Intolerant to soy, gluten and potato. 

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Hey everyone, well Ive had a result. I purchased a bottle of Volvic yesterday and all was well. I drank another one today and still no discomfort.
Its bizarre, I wonder what on earth is in the other waters that causes me problems.

Chlorides - 13.5
Calcium - 11.5
Nitrates - 6.3
Magnesium - 8.0
Sulphates - 8.1
Sodium - 11.6
Bicarbonates - 71.0
Potassium 6.2
Silica 31.7

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