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I have been a member of this forum for a few years now and hoping for some advice.
I have oab and have been taking 75mg of Amitryptyline for a few years now which does help.
My hands shake sometimes (tremors I think) and seems to be getting worse. I informed my Dr of this and she says is If I can cope with this as it is a side effect of the medication then to continue as I am doing. I can cope with it but as it seems to be getting worse I was wondering if anyone else on this medication is experiencing this too?

Replies would be greatly appreciated.




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I have been taking Ami. for about a year (25 mg) for after shingles pain, I do occasionally get the tremors but not too badly .  I have been splitting tablet as I am trying to come off mainly because I use it mainly to help sleep and I'm sure dr. will stop script anyway!  I also take 10 mg vesicare for does help

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Hi Guys and Gals,

I just would like to say that I am now a man of 34 and I suffered from terrible OAB for about 5 years or so. I tried all kinds of different meds. Some worked better than others. It got so bad that I dreaded car journeys and found myself constantly thinking about where toilets were, instead of thinking about the more important things in life.

But basically, most people once they recover probably just get on with their lives and dont post their success stories. As I know how terrible it can be, I want to post mine to give you all the hope that I needed when I had this issue. 

It went away about a year ago. Around 6 months before it went away I just forgot to take the meds. But how I got rid of it...

Basically. Here is my advice...

*Don't take 'just in case' wee's as a matter of normality. Of course, go for a wee if you know you will be without a toilet for a while (Say a long car journey with no stops). Go when your body tells you that you need to go. DONT try and hold it in until its literally coming out!

*Understand that everyone in the world needs to go to the loo, so there are toilets everywhere! Try not to think about it so much. I found that trying to relax, even though it might be difficult, and sometimes distracting myself by concentrating on something else works quite well.

*Dont give yourself such a hard time if you have an accident. It happens and has happened to pretty much everyone at some point in their lives.

*Dont practice holding it in for too long too soon. This caused more harm than good for me. You dont need to prove anything to yourself or anyone else. If you need to go...go! If you feel the urge try to distract yourself for a few mins and it will sometimes go away! ...This is the start. As you do this more often, you will find the urges tend to go away and the bladder contractions over time will happen less! The technique you use to distract yourself doesnt need to be a specific thing. I find my distractions are often just getting on with things i need to do in my life. 

*Believe in yourself, have confidence to do things. Go out, live your life and have a great time!

*Understand that you are not alone. After doing the above, the moment I realized that I may be cured was when I actually started noticing when out with friends, that some of the guys were going to the loo more often that me. 

*Talk about it. Tell friends/family people you are close to. 

I know the above sounds quite simple. But have hope, and realize that you can beat it, and you will beat it, because I did. If I can then you can.


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