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Best of luck to you. I know Prof has a few patients from Scotland who travel down to see him. I do understand though that travel expenses as well as the profs charges will bump the money up quite a bit. I'm lucky in that respect as I'm only 45 mins away by train. I would just urge you not to have any unnecessary cystoscopiys as in Prof opinion it only makes symptoms worse by introducing more bacteria into the bladder. I'm not sure if there is anyone closer to you that works the same way the Prof does. You could put another message out asking if anyone knows of someone. Keep us updated, just like you I only came across the biofilm theory by accident when reading these pages x

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Hi Kerry, I have been having bladder problems for 5yrs now. Tried various medications, had a few cystoscopy's and was told I have an overactive bladder. I was offered botox in the bladder but had to have a urodynamics test done first to confirm I had oab. It was confirmed that I had oab but didnt find the botox helpful. I am on 50mg amitryptyline, solpadol x4 and 5mg diazepam daily. I dont understand why i have pain with Oab which makes me think there is something else wrong. Will be on meds for the rest of my life which scares me. My meds do help but hate taking so much meds. I have tried reducing the dosage but the pain comes back.
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