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Hi all, I’m new here 😊

I regularly have UTI’s which I presume are cystitis. But no GP will tell me - they just keep it vague and say it is a UTI. So I don’t really know if it is cystitis. I have all the symptoms I’ve read about except it never stings when I pee. In fact there is no pain when I pee, the pain is after my bladder is empty it then it is excruciatingly painful. It feels like my insides are being turned inside out, it make me cry, I do deep breathing exercises to get through it. It almost feels like goes into spasm. I dread going to
the loo. Has anyone else had this symptom? I only read about the stinging or burning whilst peeing but this is straight afterwards.

I’m worried that I’m not going to get his resolved as I tried explaining to my GP some other issues that I hoped might help but she wasn’t interested. I cannot get all of the pee out completely and I’ve read that this can cause bladder stones which increases risk of UTI’s. I’m hoping to stop it from recurring whereas GP’s seem to want me out of their room asap. There’s no prevention, just a short dose of antibiotics and I’m on my way til the next time.

Any advice or words of wisdom would be really appreciated.


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Welcome to our Forum and hope you will find some relief and assistance with this dreadful dis-ease, sadly,as you will discover by reading many of the posts, we are all different and react different.
A couple of help suggestions. First join BHUK as they have so much advice to offer and will send you a Welcome pack, they also have a pack you can give your Doctor.
BHUK also havea Nurse available on a Wednesday that you can speak with on the Telephone.

Here is link to an old thread where Moderator Susan gives some indepth suggestions and scroll down to PAIN with suggestions of Antihistamines.

Remember the Bladder has the most Nerve endings in our bodies ,so it is no wonder that we all suffer so Doh!

I would hope others will reply, but hope the above will help for now.

Do  keep posting we will always listen.
Kind regards

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