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History: Recurrent UTI's for 15 years. All E.Coli until recently. 18 months ago I had a hip replacement and developed a Pseudomonas Urine Infection afterwards. The only antibiotic it was sensitive to was Gentamycin. Amazing GP offered to do an IV over several days at the surgery for me so I didn't have to go into hospital. A urine test showed another Pseudomonas infection 4 weeks ago. (I had spent the week in hospital at my dying father's bedside - but apparently just a co-incidence that I then got Pseudomonas) Given Cipro (despite having a massive bowel reaction to Norfloxacin years ago) - after the 2nd dose of Cipro my tongue started to swell and I ended up in Out of Hours who recommended I stop taking them (!) Incredibly the 2 doses seemed to have done the trick they said on testing the urine 36 hours later. I think not. I now have symptoms again. Pseudomonas is sooooo different from E.Coli, there is no smell and it's not really cloudy. One day I'm fine and the next so symptomatic its unbelievable.

I literally have no option if this is Pseudomonas. I take Nitro every night and loads of D Mannose so I think those have dealt with the E.Coli as I haven't had one of those for 6 months. I am so tired of this and I am exploring really "out there" options now.

Phages - clinic in Tblisi, Georgia. Research going well, accumulating lots of positive info. The reason it's not on the big Pharma's radar really is because of the way they work they really wouldn't make the companies lorryloads of cash - which is all they're interested in. It seems like such a drastic step but then sometimes I think I'll beg the NHS to take my bladder out - so I think Phages are a less dramatic step.

So - very long intro - does anyone have any informed opinions/experience?

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I was told Pseudo was only sentitive to Cipro (poison!) or Colistin  IV. Why can't you be treated via IV again?

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Hi, My understanding is that not every Pseudomonas (or E.Coli) is sensitive to the same drugs each time, there can be variations. So the first Pseudo I had 18 months ago was sensitive to Gentamycin. This ought be given in hospital (I think the GP got into trouble for doing it in the health centre so I don't think he would be prepared to do it again). It would mean a 5 day visit in hospital, in a single room to protect other patients. Either that or daily visits to out patients (that's an hour and half journey each way for 5 days) which is fine if that's what it takes.

The second Pseudo was not sensitive to Gentamycin but was to Cipro (I agree - poison). When I get an E.Coli, it seems that all that is left that shows sensitivity is Nitrofurantoin.

I saw the consultant yesterday and he wants me to come off the 100mg Nitro at night as I have been on it for 6 months. That's fair enough as I'll just end up not being able to use that for a proper course as I will develop resistance eventually.

He thinks the E.Coli will likely come back!!!!!!!! He is suggesting Urovaxom? I have never heard of it but will do my research as it is not licensed in the UK for UTI's. He also asked for a sample to check that the 2 doses of Cipro had indeed got rid of the Pseudo. I'll get the results midweek.

So, I am about to try Oregano Oil and see how that goes. Continuing my research on Phages and the clinic in Tblisi.

Thank you for your reply.


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Very interested to hear more about the phages in Tbilisi... did you get anywhere with your research?
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