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I've suffered on and off with uti's for years now and it's driving me crackers!Just getting over another bout but I just still feel really uncomfortable down below!Which is making me iratable and agitated.The doc said no infection was detected this time.I think sex brings on my infections which is making me nervous to be intimate with my partner.Ive booked a appt with doc to discuss all these issues.But any suggestions would be greatly received!!

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Welcome to these forums. You have found the right place to look for help. BHUK can provide you with lots of help and advice. 

Some starting points to help 

1. Has your urine ever been analysed and bacteria found in it? I'm assuming you have been given 3-5 day courses of antibiotics each time which may have cleared away the infection but left you with symptoms. I suspect you have a low grade infection that has simply never cleared. 

2. If the GP just dipsticks your urine ask for the sample to be sent off for analysis. Don't take anything before submitting the sample otherwise you will get a false negative. Don't take antibiotics until the results come back there is no point in putting you on an antibiotic if the bugs found are resistant to it. You might as well take smarties for all the good it will do. 

3. To help yourself in the meantime, get some D Mannose powder (google it) and take 8 teaspoons a day in water when flaring or a management dose of 3-4 teaspoons. It clings to bacteria such as E. coli and flushes it from the bladder. Try not to pee after drinking it for an hour and take a glass each time you pee. 

4. Do NOT drink cranberry juice. It is full of sugar which will feed bacteria and is way too acidic. 

5. Look at your diet and lifestyle. Cut out caffeine, sugar, spicy food and tomatoes and citrus foods for the time being to see if this helps. Drink plain ph neutral water, nothing carbonated as carbonic acid is a bladder irritant. It sounds dull but you need to calm the inflammation in your bladder. 

6. Wipe front to back always. Shower don't bath and no foam bath products in the bath or down below. And practice the bottle washing technique especially before and after sex. A good book to get hold of is the Angela Kilmartin book about cystitis. Lots of lifestyle tips for managing this and her bottle washing technique. 

BHUK have a great advice line you can call and have plenty of helpsheets they can send you. Give them a call in the morning, they are open from 9am - 2pm each day.

Hope all this helps and you feel better soon.
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