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I've been a member for several years now & a patient of Dr A, although sometimes it's difficult to get in touch with her but understand she must be snowed under with bladder patients.
I just don't know where to go with things; I've had cystitis on & off since my teens, symptoms have changed slightly over the years & I'm now 45 & things seem to be getting worse.  I've kept a diary of flares & they tend to be a week to 2 weeks before my period (in addition to stress etc).  The last year or so I've been taking Natro's; D-Mannose, Oregano oil, GSE & Loratadine & resorting to Trimethoprim when natro's haven't worked after about a week.  I thought I'd done well as the last lot of abs were prior to Christmas & the natro's have done their work. However, after taking them for 2 weeks recently, I've had to take a 2 week course of Trimethoprim, but halved the dose on the last few days, as feel sick with them & my leg has gone numb, I assumed it was my sciatica but recall my GP saying there was a warning on my file re Trimethoprim as I have clotty blood (Protein S deficiency). My GP surgery really don't like giving me abs especially a 2 week course, however today is the first day without them & I have bladder awareness again & some frequency! I really despair with it all, it really gets me down.  I'm seeing my GP in a couple of weeks to discuss hormones & have two names of Dr's that specialize in hormones from Bladder health UK; One in London & private one in Birmingham, I'll ask the advice of my GP about HRT but understand non synthetic is better?  Any advice re taking Oestrogen & clotty blood & anything else I can throw at it would be greatly appreciated. As a current Patient of Dr A, I'm not sure if that is something she could help with? I'm in the West Midlands & so sorry to bore you with my health history, just feeling bit rubbish & tearful at the mo.  The tests at the GP surgery always come back negative & I'm desperate to have some form of normality back.  Thank you for listening & any advice.

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Its a minefield isnt it dealing with all this. First thing I would do is go back to Dr A and book an appointment. As she is a practising GP as well as UTI specialist she is fully trained in hormones (and has done additional courses recently because so many of her female UTI patients struggle with hormonal issues and UTIs). You can also book a further culture with her to test to see what is going on the bladder. As your specialist she also needs to know about the issues with Trimethoprim and your clotting if it is not already in your patient notes. Contact her asap.

Unfortunately there appears to be no set pattern to hormone symptoms in those with bladder issues. Some experience an increase in swelling, pressure, pain, and frequency when oestrogen levels are highest. This is believed to happen because oestrogen increases mast cell secretion, therefore increasing inflammatory reactions. Others however feel better when their oestrogen levels are high. Researchers believe that bladder pain sufferers may benefit from the increase in the thickness of the bladder lining and the lack of progesterone during this time. To add to the complicated picture, another group feel best and experience less symptoms during their period, when hormone levels are low. Finally others experience bladder pain during their periods. Where sufferers can agree is that almost all complain of increased “flare” symptoms a few days prior to the onset of their period. The lower oestrogen levels and higher progesterone levels make people more susceptible to bladder symptoms around this time.

To further understand hormones and their importance the books ‘It Must Be My Hormones’ by Marion Gluck or “Screaming to be heard” by Dr Elizabeth Vliet are an excellent source of information. The second book has a lengthy chapter about hormones and the bladder. It is advised to seek out the very best hormone advice as HRT is prescribed in synthetic, bio-identical or natural formulations. Speak to specialists and research. Discuss with family any familial hormonal problems to make an informed decision. One size does not fit all and HRT can produce differing side effects. Medical history including family disease issues and any existing medical conditions must always be considered before a decision should be made about using HRT.


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Hi Susan
Thank you very much for your response, I really appreciate your advice & will book an appointment with Dr A as soon as I can.  In the meantime I'll see my GP & get their take on things & as you say if I can research all options, hopefully then I can make an informed choice.
Thanks again.
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