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Can anyone recommend a good probiotic drink that won't irritate my OAB,thanks.

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I can't recommend a good probiotic drink but VSL 3 or Femdophillus are excellent probiotics". You need to keep them in the fridge.

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Where would I buy them from? Thanks.

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Hi SJ2271
Am sure Susan will reply, in the meantime I did see them advertised on Amazon Uk.

Dont forget also if you click
you will be assisting COB


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VSL3 is a very potent probiotic. Has to be refrigerated and very expensive. Some gastros do prescribe it on NHS.  However, for anyone that is gluten sensitive i.e. has NCGS (Non-Coeliac Gluten Sensitivity) or Coeliac it is worth knowing that it is cultured on gluten. This is a real blow to a lot of people because although it is a very tiny amount of residue of gluten left in the final product it can still cause a lot of problems for some people.

I am not really sure why the manufacturers of this product continue to use gluten as a growing base as so many people cannot take it.

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VSL-3 is the daddy of probiotics....they are updating the packaging to reflect that it is indeed gluten free, less than 20PPM gluten so is fine for celiacs.
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