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Hi guys ( not sure if this is allowed or not ) but can anyone tell me how much it would cost roughly to see prof ML privately?
Would I need to pay for private prescriptions to?
If it is a biofilm infection how many visits would I need to do?
Thank you ( sorry again if this isn't allowed )

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Hi there

If you call the BHUK office in the morning they can give you further information regarding costs etc. Yes you will have to pay for private prescriptions unless your GP is prepared to convert them into NHS ones.

In terms of length of treatment I’m afraid its the old question of how long is a piece of string. A lot will depend on knowing that:

An embedded infection is just that, embedded into the bladder wall so will take time for the cells to shed or release into urine where the antibiotics/antimicrobials can target them.

Other contributing factors such as hormones, thyroid, autoimmune conditions, gut health or other co-morbidities which will weaken the immune system. Some of these will have to be investigated and treated to benefit overall body health.

Pelvic floor issues causing additional regional pain.

Any medication resistances someone may have. Bacteria are unbelievably adaptive at resisting and mutating and several changes of treatment may be required.

Any reactions to medications either previously prescribed or prescribed during treatment

The inflammatory effects of infection in the bladder and body can often take a lot longer to resolve than the infection.

On average patients see resolution of symptoms around 383 days after their first consult but it needs to be made clear that this is not the case for everyone. He has a core group of patients who have significant health issues alongside their infections for which it has meant staying in treatment for longer than this or because they have had bladder problems for many years, resolution will take longer. Put simply, the earlier you can get to a chronic UTI specialist the quicker effective treatment can begin.

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Thank you so much. What is the contact number for BHUK please ?
Thank you

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Hello Sophs50522

Here is BHUK 0121 702 0820, can always see info for BHUK at top of threads if you mislay.

Do always ask away, we will always listen and try to assist.

Kind regards

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