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I've got an upcoming appointment with the professor, and I was jus wondering it's true that he doesn't believe in the IC diet? I've read on that he says that it's individual and it may be beneficial in the beginning of treatment to keep inflammation down. It makes sense to me that an irritated, infected an inflamed bladder will react to acidic and diuretic foods and I've certainly had an effect from eating only bladder friendly foods for 4 weeks.

Considering adding things back in now, but worried about making my pain worse. FYi I suffer from urethral burning and stinging, no frequency or urgency unless drinking coffee (which I cut out first). My appointment isn't until October, so scared of my pain increasing.

I hate how this condition has made my anxiety around food so bad. I'm constantly fretting about what not to eat and worrying about it getting worse. [frown] All I want is to enjoy summer and have strawberries and cream with a couple of glasses of prosecco. [frown]

Can anyone relate? 

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Hello, i like you find everything so confusing with this awful condition, so many different opinions .I do think diet does affect me when i am suffering as i am at the present time but when i am ok i can eat anything in moderation.What causes me to flare are actual utis whichNHS testing say i have not got.I do nit have bladder pain it us all soreness and burning sometimes going into an awful pain as if i have been kicked by a horse goes into my rectum too , some days need to wee a lot ither days not too bad but always feel as if i still need to go, i am seeing a urologist in leeds recommended by bladder health so i am sincerely hoping he can help me, i have been like this a year now after a cystoscopy , don't have one, i an a lot older than you and all this anxiety is is making me quite ill feeling sick no appetite but then start to worry have i got a nasty infection because it feels like that to me.Just sent another sample off this morning so i expect it will come back normal like all the others have, can you manage a normal life at the moment? best wishes Heather.

H.M Whitworth

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I'm not suffering as much as others in this forum. I'm managing a normal life, going to work and taking care of the kids - I sleep well at night. Terrified of it getting worse though, which is really stopping me from enjoying life. Pretty much eating the same 4 dishes over and over as feeling so limited in what I can eat. I just want to start my treatment with the professor asap so I can start getting better. I'm sorry to hear you are having so much pain. [frown]
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