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At the weekend I was listening to a talk by Patrick Holford (the nutritionist) and he mentioned a supplement called Quercetin.  It's supposed to be a powerful antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and anti-histamine all rolled into one.  Sounds like a wonder drug, which should be helpful for IC.

Has anyone tried it?  Which one do you buy, and do you think it has helped? 

I'm a big fan of nutrition and supplements - already take non-acidic vitamin C, fish oil, zinc, magnesium and probiotics.  Not sure whether they help my IC, but I feel otherwise reasonably healthy (except the side effects to the medical drugs I'm on). 

I'm in a flare at the moment from eating half a ginger flapjack.  I though ginger would be OK - isn't it supposed to be calming for the stomach?  Anyway, apparently my bladder doesn't like it.  Ah well... add it to the list!


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I found Quercetin on its own to be a bit harsh, however I think Cystoprotek which contains quercetin was helping me.

I have since come off the cysto as I am taking chinese herbs and my herbalist told me not to take it while being treated by her.  However she did say that normally there is nothing wrong with taking Cystoprotek.  You can only get it from the USA though.  I used to get it from the IC Network.

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I tried CystaQ and Cystoprotek and neither made any difference, I know of a few others who found the same.  They are very expensive as well and who knows how much the body will absorb from a highly processed pill? My own opinion is if u want to increase intake of quercetin why not eat more of the foods that contain it naturally?

Wikipedia: Foods rich in quercetin: include caperslovageapplesteaonion, especially red onion (higher concentrations of quercetin occur in the outermost rings)red grapescitrus fruittomatobroccoli and other leafy green vegetables, and a number of berries including cherryraspberrycranberry. A recent study found that organically grown tomatoes had 79% more quercetin than "conventionally grown".

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