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Hi everyone,

Further to my earlier post, I have been researching my condition as I feel quite desperate at the moment.

I have been diagnosed with possible IC but am interested in the posts on this forum about Biofilm infections, as in my case, I had a severe UTI to start with and I have been bad with IC symptoms since then (have never been great with needing to urinate a lot)

What are the symptoms of Biofilm infections? How do symptoms of Biofilm infections differ from IC symptoms? If it's Biofilm infection, would certain foods still aggrevate symptoms or not?

Also people on the forum said they get help for Biofilm infections by the Prof and Dr A, who are these clinicians please and where are they and how is their help accessed?

Do the usual urologists not deal with Biofilm infections?

Sorry to ask questions, I am just trying to get help and info.

Thank you very much

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Hello MB1

Until someone else replies to you. do have a look through the BIOFILM category, you will find several answers to what you are asking,

Moderator Susan has posted several informative articles at the top of that thread.
I do hope you will find much to interest and assist you.


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The Bladder Health UK office have an information pack all about Biofilm infections including papers written by the two specialists you have asked about and their contact details for appointments.  If you call them between 9am and 2pm Monday to Friday they can send you the information you need.

Please note that Dr A is currently closed to new patients and that the Professor can only see private patients at the moment as his NHS clinic is closed to new patients.  However there are other NHS options and these are included in the biofilm information pack that BHUK can send you.
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