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Hi everyone, I recently posted about me thinking I could possibly have a biofilm infection so i booked to see the prof in June. I have thankfully managed to get a cancellation and will be seeing him end of April. My question is .. I was hoping to ask for a CT scan on nhs. Can private urologists refer you for further treatment on the nhs ? As i dont want to he paying for any of that privately as its far too expensive. Another question whilst I am posting do anyone have experience of Lyme disease ? I can't help but think I have this along with my neurological symptoms that could be causing my bladder issues.
Thank you

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I have never heard of a urologist referring you
for a CT scan for IC . It's usually a cystoscopy they want you to have .

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Hey I would never have a cystocopy. Ct scans can also be used to detect certain problems so they sometimes like to do one of them :)

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I saw a gp, an NHS and private urologist and then prof.

My gp did usual urine checks, blood tests and ultrasound.

NHS urologist told me not to eat onions and sent me on my way... useless.

Private urologist sent me for an MRI, swabs and cystoscopy. I don't recommend a cystoscopy if you are already in urethral pain.

All came back normal.

Prof looked at my pee under a microscope and it was full of pus cells; I have had no further tests since then.

Hope this helps.


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Wow l8tti, can't believe you had no answers prior to the prof. How are you feeling now ? Are you symptom free ?

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Hi, I had a kidney CT scan through the NHS plus an ultrasound and three cytsocopys (don't have them) just as my first investigations. Their diagnosis narrow urethra. I then had a dilation (widening of the urethra) when that failed to ease my symptoms they diagnosed over active bladder which they insisted I had for three and a half years. Until, of course I saw Prof who diagnosed Chronic embedded infection.

Hope you get answers at the end of the month.
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