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Hi Everyone

Here is a strange one for you, I was driving home and listening to the news on my local radio station when I heard that a medical research group had relased news that we can overdose on water. I have to drink loads of water and it does not affect me, sometimes I get bloated especially if i'm in retention but how can you overdose?, unfortunately that is all the information they said.

What do you think?

Lots of love Kerry

Survivor of IC since November 2002, finally diagnosed in Summer 2004. Had 4 cystoscopy's, 4 hydro-distentions, 3 urethral stretchers, 1 laparoscopy, 4 urodynamics, numerous ultra-scans, Cystistat and DMSO instils of which I have lost count, perform ISC, suffer with retention, pain, bleeding, frequency and urgency and now have a urethral stricture. Had botox injections in Nov 2014. I'm on ibuprofen and tramadol daily along with my other six daily tablets.

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Hello Kerry,


I remember reading a long time ago about a woman who died through over dosing with water. But! as I remember she drank a hell of a lot, alot more than 2 litres. I forget why she did it, I believe she flooded her organs so much they failed. In a nutshell - she drowned.


Fran x. 


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Hey, i may be totally wrong with this but im sure its one of the risks associated with drugs like ecstacy as people get really hot when they take it and drink more to cool down and end up drinking so much that they dilute all the salt in the body to dangerously low levels.



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Well done Beccie and Hels, I wonder why that woman drank so much water?

Fran x. 




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Whenever I have to take a urine sample in I get a letter back from GP about 3 weeks later telling me I drink too much water.  You're right it's to do with the salt levels in your blood.


In some countries it's used as a form of torture!


Claire xx

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