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So you didn't get to name your furry friend

When I had mine there always used to be a programme on TV about killing rats (think it was Life of Grime) so I used to turn over so she wasn't offended!




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Hi Morgana,


My friend Annette has a pet rat, didn't worry me. It's just the big brown hairy ones with long tails and big teeth probably covered in fleas that bother me.

That and the fact that it ate my washing machine innards.


Thanks for your support


Love Fran x.

P.S If I saw any rat programmes now I would probably hyperventilate!

P.P.S  Think we are deep doo doo here, just got a phone call from Stan next door. He has 2 on his roof, seems they are shinning up the drain-pipes onto the roof from the sewer drain just at the back. From there they can get into the house via drain in bathroom. As we speak am putting heavy weights on drain in bathroom.  Tomorrows job is a visit to the sewer drain with Stan and some caustic action!


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Eek!!! There are sonic rat/mice/cockroach repellants that plug into the electric sockets available on our UK t.v. shopping channels , can they be purchsaed in Saudi Arabia?  


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Hi Eccles,


No I don't think so, big rat problem here in Jeddah, especially on this compound which lately is resembling a down-trodden housing estate. Nobody seems to mind them except us. What the Government did was to bring in cats from Egypt many moons ago to catch them. Now we are also overrun with stray cats, for some reason the cats won't touch the rats either.


Thanks for the thought.


Love Fran x. 

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