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Quite a while since I posted on here, probably because my IC doesn’t affect my life a great deal anymore, so I don’t think about it that often these days.

I still go for Bladder instillation every 2 months, which I have been doing now for that over 3 years and will continue with them as long as I am able to. I think they have helped me tremendously.

I very rarely get bladder pain these days I start each day with actimel natural followed by 1000mg cod liver oil, and 1000mg of glucosamine tablets. I don’t eat many processed foods, although I can tolerate them if I take the magic Prelief tablets. I don’t drink fizzy cold drinks, or fruit juices, nor do I drink spirits but I can tolerate Rose wine.

At night I take 2 Buscopan tablets which I find keeps me regular. That’s it, I can eat drink most other things now. I forget most of the time I have IC, and I believe that following these few simple things, and being patient with my bladder installations has worked for me.

I have got my life back, and I am very grateful for it. Never give up, try find out what causes you to have pain, alkaline the diet as much as possible and try and relax and respect and look after your body. Stress does nothing to help any condition and more often than not diseases are caused through stress and anxiety in the first place. I believe that for me plus drinking lots of carbonated drinks started my IC off. When you think of what is in some foods today, I think we are secretly poisoning ourselves and we do not realise it. I believe it is the foods that we eat that causes many diseases but it’s finding out which ones are doing you harm that is the problem.

Never Lose Hope, Things can get Better 

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Thank you so much Chrysalis.

Always love to read your positive posts, they must be so helpful to those in despair, that, there is light at the end of the tunnel, doh!

As we know we are all different, so everyone's tips  and advice is always welcome.

keep well.

Kind regards

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