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Hello to all,

A bit about myself, I am a 51 YO male, fit, active and generally in good health, non-smoker, moderate drinker.

Back in 2007 I was diagnosed with a Bladder Stone, which was subsequently treated, the underlying causes of the stone was attributed to a Bladder Outlet Obstruction, in the words of the urologist my bladder neck was 'malformed'.

This was addressed by undergoing a BNI. All of my previous symptoms (weak flow, urgency and increased urinary habits, flank and lower back pain, blood in urine and semen) disappeared as a result of successful surgery, in fact I was very lucky due to the skill of the surgeon in that I did not suffer retrograde ejaculation.

Fast Forward to 2017, out of nowhere in the summer I started to experience the flank and lower back pains again as well as urgency and a slight increase in the number of times I would pee during the day.

This was all checked out via dip tests, DRE/PSA, ultrasound and then cystoscope procedures, no further obstructions were detected , no tumors were present, all that was found was that I my bladder wall was slightly red and therefore something had irritated it

I also had very minor hypertrophy in the bladder wall and that this was probably as a result of the previous issues where my bladder would have been working overtime.

To cover all bases the urologist prescribed cipro just in case it was prostatitis, however, by then the symptoms had all disappeared, so I never took the meds. 

These episodes went on continuously for about approx. 4 months, during which time I also started to experience very severe sciatica in my right leg and hip, the flank pain is always on the l/h side (back, hip and thigh).

The prognosis on the sciatica was that the l4/l5 disc had prolapsed, I was offered surgery, but declined and eventually during the early part of 2018 the pain completely went through a combination of injections and physio. My Bladder Health had also by this time returned to normal.

Normal for me, is voiding 2 or 3 times during the day, I drink approx. 2l of water and no more than 3 small cups of coffee, on average I void out 500 - 600ml, with 900ml being my 'best'

Now, to the present day, back in July I noticed that the l/h flank pain started again, at the same time I started to experience urgency and subsequently voiding out 300ml. I also noticed that the feeling to urinate had changed, it went from being of a gradual gentle sensation in the bladder to one of where it was almost like the urine was already in my urethra, and I had a couple of near misses where if I hadn't of found a toilet then I would of wet myself.

Went back to the urologist (a different one than before), PSA/DRE Ok, however three dip test showed up non-visible blood in the urine.

Again, I underwent a cystoscope , no signs of anything untoward, apart from the bladder wall thickening. The Flow test came back as excellent. 

My urologist view on the flank pain was 'fatigue', which I countered by stating that every time my bladder health changes it goes hand in hand with the pain I experience.

After a while (approx. 3 months) the symptoms went away again, back to my normal urinary habits.

But now in the last week the symptoms have returned again, urgency but voiding out 300ml, l/h flank pain and the sensation change. None of which I experience when my bladder is happy.

So, now I will have to go back to the urologist and work out what we do from here.

From my perspective it’s too much of a coincidence that when these episodes occur I get the l/h pain, despite having a back condition I do not suffer these types of pain at any other time, however, the urologist us very dismissive of this fact, he assures me that they are not connected, but for me, there's no smoke without fire.

I am going to push to recommend a urodynamics test, and maybe another form of scan, because there is definitely something not right, if he doesn’t take me seriously I will consider getting a second opinion, I've even considered that maybe I’m over analyzing and imagining  the pain and therefore stressing myself out about it leading anxiety which then causes me to go to the toilet more often. 

A good friend of mine is a member here, she suffers from IC, we’ve compare symptoms and treatments, as you do over a glass of wine! 

Many thanks for taking the time to read through my post, I thought I would take the time to share my experiences just in case others out are going through the same, you are not alone.


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Hello [1f603] I have done microgen test which shows up   e-coli! Does that confirm it? Thank you!
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