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I got some Tetley's tea yesterday, Rooibos and Vanilla, with pear chunks listed in the ingredients. I can't have caffeine or caffeine free tea as it hurts Bert the Bladder, but I miss hot drinks.

I tried it this afternoon, sweetened with some sugar, and it was...different. It looks like tea, but tastes like hot pear juice with milk! Looking on the net, rooibos is an African tea and it has a lot of health-giving properties, so I hope I can tolerate it. I also have peppermint tea to try next time.

Any one else tried it?

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I have lots of herbal teas in my cupboard and most of them are drinkable but finding one that is really nice is quite difficult. However I have found "camomile vanilla and honey" really quite pallatable it smells very vanillary (not sure if I have spelt that right probably not)lol. Made by twinnings and is 80 pence in Asda for twenty.

I guess it's down to personal taste, a good idea is to find a friend who is into trying herbal tea and exchanging them with each other. Well that's what my walking partner and I do!

Hope you find some you like, and that is kind to your bladder, it can take a while!
Best wishes Camomile

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I find rooibos tea really soothing - it's got loads of quercetin in. You can get a really nice version of it in some healthfood shops that just has rooibos and pure vanilla (no flavourings or anything). It's really nice.


I find fennel quite nice too.




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This Tetleys one is now REALLY nice! You can really taste the pear, smell the vanilla, and it's not bitter at all. I have it black with one spoon of sugar and it doesn't irritate my bladder. Now I just have to keep limiting myself to once a day otherwise I'd be drinking it constantly.

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