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I'm new here and would really appreciate some advice. I've had cystitis a few times over the years, but it has never not cleared up before. I'm now experiencing my third bout in a month and I'm at the end of my tether with the pain. I can't go to work as it hurts so much and I can't trust my body enough to be far from a toilet. I've had three different lots of antibiotics, trimethoprim, nitrofurantoin and amoxicillin. I have given up alcohol and caffeine, drunk litres of water and still feel really rough. My husband and kids need their capable wife/mum back, rather than a pain ridden shadow of my former self. I have a GP's appointment on Thursday and would really appreciate being able to ask the right questions.



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So very sorry to read of your ongoing pain with this awful condition.

First question to ask your GP is whether any urine cultures you have had have actually identified any bugs in your urine sample and if so what? Secondly was the sample cultured against antibiotics? You should not be prescribed abs blind without knowing what bugs are there and if the abs prescribed are susceptible to the bugs you have. It also sounds like you have had short courses of abs that simply have not cleared up the infection. Bugs are remarkably resilient and a 3 day course will not clear an infection. If the GP is not able to answer these questions insist that you need to be retested and ensure that the lab advises the GP what bugs you have and the correct abs. I would also ensure that the course of abs prescribed is a minimum of 10 days. Make sure if you do submit another sample you don't have anything to drink 3 hours beforehand so the sample is very concentrated. Be strong with your GP, 3 attacks in a month is indicative of an uncleared infection. Explain the fact that you currently cannot work and the impact it's having on your family life. If your GP dismisses you, rebook with another GP in the practice or go to A&E or a sexual health clinic.

Look at your lifestyle as well and be your own detective. Do you drink alcohol, if so don't until your symptoms have fully settled. Avoid any perfumed products down below. Shower, don't bath. Wipe front to back. No g strings or tight jeans. Go wheat and gluten free for a while. An upsurge in yeast can cause horrid bladder and urethral burning. Avoid orange juice and all acidic foods and drinks at the moment and no caffeine. And I'm afraid, no sex until you have got rid of this infection. Your poor bladder and urethra are really inflammed and the additional bruising will cause more pain and probably add more bugs into your urethra and bladder.

Do call the COB office in the morning - they have lots of advice and can send you some sheets with info.

Keep us posted with how you get on.


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Thanks so much. I've already been doing a number of the things you advised,so will try the remaining ones. The antibiotics were 3 day, 7 day and 5 day respectively, but I have no idea what they actually found in the samples. I did take a sample back to my normal GP three days after starting the second course and he said the infection had gone but checked me out for thrush and then prescribed me medication for that. I did finish the second course though. The first 2 lots of antibiotics were prescribed at the out of hours clinic as I was sick over the bank holiday weekends, so they don't do cultures. The sample for this third bout should have been sent off, so I will hassle the doctor tomorrow. Thank you again!
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