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Hello everyone, I am becoming a bit of a regular on here, but also a bit more desperate every day. So I thought I had overactive bladder, but actually I have a small bladder capacity of only 200mls under a aesthetic, so it is classified as a small bladder. My life has been turned on it's head since I had a cystodistention and it completely wrecked my bladder in terms of frequency, it's been awful. My consultant is referring me to more specialist people but said he thinks I will need surgery.

I have been researching surgery and just had somewhat of a breakdown as they all sound horrific and I am only 26 and yet to have children. I would like to know if anyone has any alternative treatments, most medications haven't worked as they are for overactive bladder, whereas mine is apparently small. After a relatively minor procedure such as a cystodistention has mentally and physically destroyed me, I'm not sure I can cope with major surgery, of which any side effects would be permanent.

I seem to have reached a dead end in terms of information, I have read leaflets from this charity and looked on websites, but there doesn't seem to be a middle ground between medication, tests and then major surgery. I am completely against surgery, but also in a complete state as I am, something has to change as this is affecting all aspects of my life and I simply cannot go on like this.

Thank you and I really hope someone out there can offer some advice.
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