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Hello, I have been suffering with toilet problems for over 10 years but never had a proper diagnosis.
I have also suffered with anxiety issues for nearly 20 years and this I feel has made getting taken seriously even harder.
Whenever I would go to the GP to talk about toilet problems, the doctor would listen, nodding along and then just inform me that I needed to go because of my anxiety.
I have the feeling that after a bowel movement in the morning it takes about 20 minutes and then I get pain and discomfort in my bladder and I can produce about 200 mls of almost clear urine in that time.
I was checked for incomplete urination but I never bought into this idea. Why would the 'left over' urine be so much clearer than the first batch?
I have taken anti depressants for my anxiety, CBT therapy, counseling and just started hypnotherapy. It was during this therapy that the hypnotherapist suggested that I might have prostatitis or maybe IC.
Instead of the urgency, frequency and pain coming from my anxiety, it may be that the anxiety is being fuelled by my toilet issues (obviously made worse by me having anxiety anyway).
I would be very grateful for any assistance in this area as it has basically ruined my life. (Missed my 20s completely).
Unable to have a job and my social circle is pretty non existent now.
33 years old and trying hard to 'start me life'.

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Hello Roystone
Welcome to our Forum and hope we will be able to help you understand your Bladder problems.
Sadly we are all so different that we react differently to medication etc, it is difficult to have a straight answer and to say do this or that.

Just to start you off reading etc. Look at the Bladder Health UK Website HERE and if you scroll down there are several videos.

Also this from the Interstitial Category on this Forum

Also if you Telephone the Office tomorrow ( Number at top of Page) and become a Member, they will not only be able to offer more assistance, they will send you a joining pack, and even a pack for your Doctor, you will also receive a quarterly magazine.

Do keep posting and ask as much as you want we will always listen
Hope this will be a bit of a help.
Kind regards


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Hello Roystone

I am sorry to hear you are struggling at present. Do give me a call on the advice line today (0121-702-0820). If you can provide me with some more information, I might be able to signpost you towards some help.

Susannah Fraser

for Bladder Health UK
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