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Registered: Dec 3, 2003
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Hi.  Has anybody on here had steroid injections in their vulva? My consultant informed me yesterday he wants me to have them put in the anterior vulva vestibule (front part of vulva) and if these work he will then cut away the glands which he thinks are causing me pain. 

I just wondered if anybody had them if the injections hurt.  He is putting local anaesthetic in the area first but even though have got a high threshold and had loads of painful procedures done due to having IC and a permanent catheter I am really scared for some reason about these injection. 

Would rather have the bad and good stories so please be honest.  Many thanks


Registered: Dec 2, 2003
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Hi Catherine ,

You may find helpful information on the following site:  

Vulval Pain
PO Box 5830
Lyme Regis 
07765 947599.

Information and support for sufferers of vulval pain.

best wishes

Registered: Dec 3, 2003
Posts: 182
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Many thanks for your reply Dawn. I will have a look on there. Just being a baby and worried it will hurt with how sore I am anyway!


Registered: April 14, 2010
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I don't want to put you off here but I had one of those injections that you are talking about and I had to get the urologist to stop half way through.  I really couldn't take the pain.  It was unbearable.  However everyone is different.  You might be able to cope with the pain etc, where I couldn't.


Registered: Dec 3, 2003
Posts: 182
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Thanks Tracy. I don't mind you being honest and prefer that.  Did you have local anaesthetic injected in before the actual steroid as that is what my consultant said he will do.

Thanks for replying.

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