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Im just wondering if your partners support you all?
My fiance is amazing, but thats where i feel so guilty. He does literally everything for me to the point he will wipe me after getting me off the toilet. He works full time aswell so he comes back from work to help me. We talk alot and he says its not like this but im so scared that its too much on him. We are sopose to be planning our wedding and instead hes helping me up the stairs! I know he loves me i just dont want it to be like hes my career. I feel so helpless. I dont want to be like this, i want us to be normal and for this pain to stop and to be able to do normal things. Does anyone else feel like this?
Thanks x

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Hello Charlotte.
Awh! Bless you and am pleased you have found and using our Forum.

Sadly we seem to be getting many more younger persons with these dreadful Bladder symptoms, and I am sorry that no one has felt able to answer and assist.
It may help if you could list any treatment you have had and using now.

If you read through threads you will discover many members with both your symptoms and also wonderful partners.

In the meantime a couple of suggestions, that may help.First contact the BHUK office and speak with them,they all understand and will have so much more to guide you, and if you could become a Member you will have access to so much more support. We also have an online continent Nurse on a Wednesday on the phone line.

Do look at your Diet, as so many items are a complete No No for our Bladders including Coffee and Fizzy drinks etc.

Again you will find good information here on the Forum , look through the different categories.

Do keep asking, we will always listen as we truly understand, even though we all our different and react differently.

Kind regards

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