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Hello I have posted here before as I had a low grade UTI which lasted for about a year. All tests came back normal (cystoscopy, ultra sounds and CT scan). I took doxycycline as an anti malarial prophylactic for a camping safari in Africa in September and this worked. So  I was delighted as you can imagine. I have continued to take D Mannose - one tablet at night and been careful with diet and so on. I also take turmeric supplement which is anti-inflammatory.  I have also recently been taking Oil of Oregano and Olive Leaf extract to combat the virus I have had.

However, I have recently had the flu type virus which is going around and this seems to have triggered symptoms again - only worse than before as this time there is a stabbing pain when I pee and I have had to get up twice a night (or more) over the last few days. The whole time I had the infection I didn't have pain - just irritation. I took a sample to the doctor's and the nurse did the dipstick test which was completely normal - no white blood cells, no red blood cells. They are sending the sample off but if there are no red or white cells then it is unlikely to show infection I would have thought.

Is it possible for a virus to trigger an irritation which will pass when the virus has gone? Has anyone else experienced this? Any advice would be welcome. Thanks

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Any weakening of the immune system will mean that an infection can be triggered off. Stabbing pain should be checked out and I'm afraid dipsticks aren't reliable enough as they are calibrated too high to pick up low grade infections. Hopefully the test results will come back indicating something. Pain on urination could be an E. coli infection and do you feel quite emotional as well as E. coli affects the nervous system. You could try d Mannose powder every 2 hours including a night for 72 hours and see whether that helps. Its targets gram negative bugs such as coli forms.

Focus on building up your immune system after this awful flu thing that's going round. If you get no joy with the standard NHS test there is a longer test available that cultures for 48 hours rather than the standard 18 hours the NHS offers. The BHUK office can give you details. You need to be off any abs for 7 days and any naturals for around 48 hours including d Mannose.

Sorry this is back again and do hope it clears up soon.


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I had a stomach upset a few weeks ago and my bladder irritation flared up big time. It soon settled down again though, but it took a few days I take probiotics as well as the natural remedies that you've mentioned, that might be another thing you could try. I hope it passes soon.

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Hello - Thanks both for the responses. I don't think it is an infection as previously even the NHS dipsticks showed white/red blood cells whereas this last one didn't (and the previous one a couple of months ago was all clear). It doesn't feel like an infection - over the year that I had the infection the urine smelt unpleasant but this is not the case now. I will wait for the test results but I don't think it will show up anything. I think as you say cat33 it is an irritation/flare up caused by the virus and hopefully will settle down. It is better than it was a few days ago. I take probiotics - I am the 'supplement queen'!! [smile]

The test you mentioned Susan - is this the broth culture? When I had the problem before I paid for several private tests (done through company online) which showed up e coli. I think I had a low grade infection which was not dealt with properly and the only reason it went was because I decided to take doxycycline instead of malarone to prevent malaria. I paid to see doctors including private urologist and was mostly offered the same treatment time and again. I am sure I would still have the infection if I hadn't taken the doxycycline. Clearly, doctors don't listen although the GP I see now is quite good. I am now wondering whether it would be worth seeing a naturopath - has anyone on here seen one and if so was it worth it?
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