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Registered: Oct 15, 2007
Posts: 119
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has anyone used one. i am scared to use one.  i get spasms so easily and fear it may set them off.  but the codeine is killing my bowels.


Registered: Jan 7, 2006
Posts: 318
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I use one all the time, mainly for back pain, but it does help my bladder and pelvis. Worth a try definitely. The idea being is that it helps you to release your own endorphines (natural painkillers). You might find that you have to persist with it, but I really like mine.

I started with a cheap one from the local chemist and then, when I knew that I liked it, I bought a fancy one off line.

Anymore info needed, just ask.
LizB x


Registered: Jan 4, 2006
Posts: 129
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Yes I use one all the time too. Like Liz I use it for back pain, but also use it for bladder pain and find it works really well, I get bad bladder spasms too and it actually helps. You can start on a really low rate until you get used to it and then build it up gradually. Lloyds pharmacy do them for about £15.00 its a good one to start with.
sue x

Registered: Dec 12, 2003
Posts: 335
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I use a TENS too, from time to time.  I originally got it for my back/hip and when the bladder started up I tried it for that and it worked.  One of the best things I ever bought!

Love Angie

Registered: March 10, 2006
Posts: 261
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I agree.  I have a lloyds tens machine also, it took a while to get used to it but I feel it definitely helps my bladder pain.  Its worth a try.

Gail xx

Registered: July 30, 2005
Posts: 1,187
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I've been trying iit and it helps pain, but really cannot work out where to put it
 -if i put them on the front near the bladder or lower pelvic region, then it seems to make my pressure more prominent....

the lower back helps me a little....

but still not found a little relief from it..maybe i am using it wrong??

Registered: Oct 15, 2007
Posts: 119
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thanx everyone thats postive. a friend loaned me one and its sat looking at me.  i bought one from lloyds and took it back, i am so scared of making this ic worse. but i will have a go now!

my friend said you have to put the electrodes in a square formation like the four corners of a box to make it work best, she recommended i get some help using it coz you can make mistakes.  despite that i will give it
a go.

Registered: Nov 13, 2007
Posts: 248
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Daughter finds hers helps a lot and even goes to school with it on sometimes!  You cant do any harm putting the pads 'in the wrong place'. She finds the inner thigh at the top ok


Registered: July 15, 2007
Posts: 845
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Its worth having a go Saxon as it wont hurt you.  I found the feeling too intense even on a low setting, but it is a distraction, so maybe thats helpful.


Registered: Oct 15, 2007
Posts: 119
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one week later and i am still not using it, it takes me a while. dont know about you but i am so scared to do anything that changes the manageable moments i get with ic.

but i will give it a go! low setting

does anyone know about the bit where it says, dont use setting B C and E on an injured muscle, because our muscle all be it smooth is injured. im such a chicken i know.

the only one that seems to be appropriate is D for menstrual pain does anyone have a setting they use regularly or what setting did you start with??????


Registered: Nov 13, 2007
Posts: 248
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Hi saxon!  What is the make of your machine? Shall get detailed info from daughter in about half an hour when she wakes up (its half term!).  She uses hers quite a bit. Also does yours have 2 or 4 pads?


Registered: Nov 13, 2007
Posts: 248
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Ok, Steph says, please dont be scared! Then she says that for her now the best place is above the pubic bone (the one at the front!) and that she uses the 2 pads there.Side by side and not touching. (One has to think about pad placement and removal due to the hair though  !!!) Put the pads on first whith the machine SWITCHED OFF.  Then switch it on with the most low, gentle setting that your machine has. Yes, the period pain setting one is good, but GENTLE to begin with.  Its an unusual feeling, like gentle buzzing.  It shouldnt set off any contracting of the bladder muscle as its not strong enough - even on highest setting! The TENS machine is designed to 'confuse' and 'override' the pain-sensation nerves, and wont affect the 'make-muscles-work' nerves; although very high settings can make the little muscles directly under the skin wiggle a bit!  We hope that you find relief from it, be confident! The effect is a bit like rubbing your knee after youve knocked it - it eases the pain.  Let us know how you get on!!  Oh, the injured muscle bit - the skeletal muscles are different from smooth bladder muscles. Plus, of course, in IC the muscle is not injured it is the bladder inner surface that is poorly. 


Registered: May 8, 2006
Posts: 198
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I was terrified to use mine when I first got it.  I tested it on the top of my arm first so I knew what the sensation would feel like.  It was a really strange feeling but once I got used to it it was quite pleasurable.  I put it on my husband as well and he enjoyed it. 
I find mine really helps with period pains. I have it on the highest setting.  I haven't tried it for bladder pain as most of mine is urethral..

jaynee xx


Registered: Feb 14, 2008
Posts: 17
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I bought the Lloyds one for £14.99 even the assistant said it was just as good as the expensive one.  I can only manage setting 3/4 at the moment its quite intense.  I get some relief for about an hour, but its supposed to help release natural endorphines so that can't be bad even if the pain doesn't go away.  The only thing is it says you can only use it twice a day .... does anybody use it more than that I have used it up to 4 times so far.


Registered: May 8, 2006
Posts: 198
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I have got the lloyds one and have it on most of the day during my period.  I didn't know it said only use it twice a day... I didn't read the instructions. 
I haven't noticed any adverse effects.

jaynee xx

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