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Hi everyone, After reading that lots of people with bladder probs find it uncomfy to do sit ups etc. , I was just wondering what some folks do to try and tone ab muscles. I'm due to give birth in a few wks so am quite curious. I used to be (like so many of us)very active and would run 5 miles 5 times a week which kept me slim and with a toned tum. However, with my bladder probs and baby to take care of, I know I will be unable to resume this activity-no time and far too painful!
I was thinking about being lazy and buying one of those slendertone ab belts but unsure if that will irritate bladder. Anyone, ever used one? Or any other tummy toning tips?
Thanks, Lisa xx

Lisa M

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Hi Lisa, I've had 4 large babies so you can guess the shape I'm in. To try and improve my tum I have found lying on my back sucking my tummy in and holding it for a count of 10 has worked for me. I do it morning and night, 5 times each. Of course don't do it if your bladder is painful. It certainly has not triggered any spasms for me. I have also cautiously started pelvic tilts, as I have had some problems with this in the past. Don't forget your pelvic floor either!


Love Helen

Helen Hulbert

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I've just ordered a fitness ball (one of those blow up balls you sit on) to help my horse riding balance and it's supposed to be very good for belly and back strength if you follow the exercises too. I will be falling off it very often though


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I've got one of those fitness balls. I really like it but find it a bit difficult to know if I'm getting my position right on it. I've just sent off for a DVD called Yoga gymball so I'm looking forward to doing some yoga on it




Emma x


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Hi All,

I know we're all different but I found doing sit-ups helped with my bladder pain/pressure when I was bad.  Possibly if your abs are strong the muscles will protect your bladder (????)


Once baby is born just do some gentle 'crunches' rather than full on sit-ups. If you can cope with them then maybe after your 6 week checkup try some harder ones.  Apparently the balls are very good too.  One of my friends uses a slendertone and even though she is a biggish lady she has a remarkably flat belly.


Good luck!


Claire xx



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