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I have been monitoring my fluid intake and been trying to just drink water.
I have drunk 1.1 litres today, is this enough? I read on this website that you should aim to drink 2-2.5 litres a day. I am not very active as I stay in doors, do you think 1.1 litres is adequate.(i've struggle to drink this much) 

Today I have had a problem with pressure, feels like the pressure is in my urethra or bladder I can't decide which, I think more urethra. Today the pressure is making me have a constant feeling of wanting to pee. I had this problem about 10 years ago and had to have my urethra stretched as it was very narrow eventually it did seem to help. I am taking Buscopan for ibs could this medication cause me pressure?  I think it can affects the bladder,although I'm not entirely sure. I have only had pressure since increasing the buscopan. 

If anyone can help with either question I would really appreciate it as I have no where else to go for answers.

Many thanks for reading.

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I think the amount of water people need to drink is very individual, I have come to the conclusion that its a nonsense to say everyone must drink 2 litres. There are so many variables: body weight, occupation, activity level, climate, season etc. There is also water in food like vegetables, soups etc. Personally, I drink approx 4 glasses of water a day (more in summer) and this feels right for me. I count clear herbal teas as water. If u drink too much water you dilute your electrolytes (sodium, potassium etc). I also think its best to drink very little at mealtimes as it dilutes your stomach acid which u need in the right concentration to digest your food properly to maximise absorption of nutrients. Also, IMO best not to gulp down a glass of water at once but drink it slowly. Water at room temp. is best if bladder is sensitive. I drink bottled spring water, never tap water.

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Thank you so much for your reply.
Yes I agree weight, height, weather diet and physical activity would all have an impact, I just wondered if there is a basic minimum amount we should all be drinking and then take into account weather, activity levels etc. I am thinking that 800mls is more then enough for me, may be even less. I will try and experiment. Weirdly I have less frequency when my urine is darker, when its light my frequency goes through the roof, I seem to be the opposite to most other people.

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