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Does anybody suffer from urethral soreness internally? I don't have any external pain or soreness it's when I move, bend or stretch a certain way I get a sore feeling somewhere up in my urethra, like pushing on a cut or something.  Also sometimes if I move a certain way that uses my bladder muscle (if you see what I mean) there is a spot low down which must be around the bladder neck area I'm guessing where it feels like someone is pushing on a really painful bruise.  All my pain seems to be in a very specific area.  Anyone with anything similar?  These weird symptoms are driving me nuts and just will not let up 1 year after the UTI that kicked this off.

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My urethral area feels sore all the time.  I just take it as part and parcel of having an overactive bladder.  You should see a urologist to ensure you don't need treatment.  I'd talk to your GP if I were you.  Good luck.

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After a uti it csn leave a lot of inflammation behind, i suffered with lots of not very nice symptons after one.Mine have been made worse by cystoscopy, don't have one.
H.M Whitworth

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Hi there, I have had a sore and burning urethera for over a year now. Trouble is it leads to uretheral urgency too! So I have been too scared to go anywhere unless I know there are loos near by or I know there wont be queues for them. I am so scared of wetting myself in public. Anxiety plays a major part in this but definitely my urethera is inflamed as the gynaecologist told me only a week ago and he gave me some dermovate cream for it. However, whilst the soreness and burning seema to lead to urgency feelings, it never does so when Im at home. Or through the night come to that. This proves a lot of the problem is anxiety doesnt it . God knows it has really restricted me and my world is much smaller than before the urgency started. Just want the old me back, who I was before all this started. I am also on Vagifem for my sore vagina.

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Hi Sarah i have that all the time and was diagnosed with Cystitis Cystica . It is a cluster of small cysts that sometimes grow down to my urethral opening (?) I am on long term anti biotics and due to be catheterised for a few weeks to see if it helps the discomfort


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Hi Sarah,

Have you thought about whether this could be a problem with your pelvic floor muscles? Apparently a lot of people with bladder problems and IC have tension in their pelvic floor muscles, or suffer from pelvic floor dysfunction, and often pain, frequency and urgency is caused, or made worse, by tension in this muscle group.

Just a thought a thought as you mentioned it was related to certain movements. As the muscles surround the urethra it could be that some tension in one of them causes pain in that area.

Anna x

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Hi all
Thanks for your responses.
Anna - I've actually been making enquiries about seeing a pelvic floor physio, there is one quite close to where I live in Shropshire.  It's been stinging so much just before I wee, I think I've forgotten how to actually wee properly so it's bound to have messed up my pelvic floor.  I also developed some urge incontinence a few months ago so it may also help with this.  I've tried so much so far, a pelvic floor assessment will be something else to tick off the list.
Topsy - its interesting what you say about cystitis cystica as this nightmare started with a UTI.  I'm still putting off the cystoscopy though.  I did try 12 weeks of Nitro and 8 weeks of Doxy but it didn't reduce the stinging or soreness, I'm still convinced that it is bacteria causing this though.
Basilcat - I know how you feel, I want the old me back too.  I'm a different person than I was just over a year ago, and not in a good way.
Sarah x
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