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Keep getting all the signs of urine infection blood in urine white cells protien sometimes lab results come back with mixed growth or negative results on a few occasions when results have come back positive. That's got me thinking the positive results are when the doctor has to leave urine sample in fridge overnight. Is that because urine sample has had time to grow more bugs?
Sj Boyden

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No if anything leaving it in the fridge will degrade some of the bacteria. A microbiologist has advised that if you want a sample to grow leave it on a radiator overnight and then drop it into the surgery or lab for culturing.

NHS labs only culture for 18 hours not long enough for fastidious or slow growing bacteria to develop. At the very least it should be 48 hours.

Global Culturing is still based entirely on protocols developed 60 years ago for those with kidney infections not UTIs and there is significant research available disproving these methods. BHUK are actively campaigning for a change in these protocols as bacteria have significantly evolved and the testing and diagnosis lags behind.

Mixed growth means you have a polymicrobial bacterial infection rather than a single causal organism that current protocols demand. Sadly this means your sample is discredited rather than being further developed.

I'm not sure what your symptoms are but I'd ask your GP to take note of them rather than relying on the test or dipstick and then saying you don't have an infection. If you are going to retest always come off abs for at least 7 days beforehand to avoid a false negative.

Hope you feel better soon.
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