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Hi everyone,

Just after some info/advice please.

I was under a Urologist at a local hospital, the hospital care wasn't good though and I felt unsupported and the hospital suggested I be transferred to another larger hospital nearby for a second opinion and possibly advances in treatment maybe.

Today I got an appointment through for the new hospital but they have put me in a combined clinic of Urology and Gynaecology, the gent i am seeing is a Urogynaecologist and I was surprised to hear this, not sure if its a good thing or bad thing?

Is there anyone who can offer any advice/info on what is a Urogynaecologist and why I have been put under his care as opposed to a Urologist?

(For info I have suspected painful bladder syndrome, main symtoms frequency effecting my life)

Thanks so much in advance for any comments[smile]

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A uro gynaecologist is someone who is essentially a combination of a urologist and gynaecologist and is usually seen where there may be a crossover between urological and gynaecological problems. Painful bladder syndrome can often have a gynaecological influence through hormone problems, pelvic floor issues, vaginal or rectal prolapse, issues after childbirth and the pelvic floor nerve system is closely associated with the bladder and urinary system. Uro gynaes regularly see people with IC or PBS so don't worry if you are seeing him as opposed to a urologist.

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Urogynaecologists are great they tend to treat the pelvic area as a whole rather than urologists who just focus on the bladder x

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The one I see is a million times better than the Urologists I saw at the Urology Clinic in Canterbury, and he's working from my local hospital at QEQM.  I couldn't be happier with the transfer! There's nothing for you to be worried about.

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Thanks for your replies to my post, unfortunately things haven't quite worked out as i thought - I received the confirmation letter from the hospital for a totally different date and time for over a month after they told me on the phone and it's for a urologist instead of a urogynaecologist!! - I called and asked what had gone on and they apologised as it seems they looked at the wrong persons details on the screen when they told me my initial appointment details - so I am now seeing a urologist in 3 months time 😕 I am upset that it's more time to wait, it always happens to me, The only positive is that I have been put under a female specialist, I am calling everyday now to try and check for cancellations as my IC is really bad at the moment, just upset about the mix up and delay x

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