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I have just join the forum in hope of finding support and information I struggle to find on the web.
I have had , like most of us here, cystitis for the last 15 years. in my case, they are only triggered by sexual intercourse, which makes my private life a misery. After years of antibiotics and abstinence(kind of ruin your life to be honest), my dr in the UK recommended I tried Uro-vaxom, 1 /day for 3 months as autoimmune vaccine.
Sadly, although this is available in the UK, the leaflet is in German. I started about 10 days a go and don't feel really well since, my bladder is clearly not happy and I feel burning sensation(although no cystitis as such I must say) and my face skin is clearly reacting to. all is all, I don't feel good at all. Has anyone experience this? Does it eventually go away? and does it work?!!
thanks a lot for your help!
Kind regards,

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Hello Anne

Welcome to our forums. You will find a wealth of experience and information here.

Side effects when taking Uro-Vaxom are rare but if you are suffering from a skin reaction you need to report this to your Urologist as a matter or urgency and ask whether he/she still wishes you to continue as this type of reaction may suggest an allergic response.

Uro-Vaxom has worked well for some although, the more of our members are now using the Uromune vaccine instead.

Susannah Fraser
COB Office

for Bladder Health UK

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My Urologist suggested using this product today [ NHS ] but he could not prescribe it. Where can I get it????

Many thanks


Jacqueline de Marigny

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I got mine prescribed by private Urologist , and got it at the Crowmwell hospital pharmacy in London.
Be aware, it is about £300 the box!

Hope this helps,
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