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Hi there,
I am trying to improve the PH of my urine as I have read how bacteria establish more easily in acid urine and I bought test strips and I am definitely on the acid side of the chart.  I have been eating really healthily with lots of veg etc but not seeing any regular improvement, just the odd day.  One of the pages I read said that Cranberry lowered your PH and that Vit C made it higher but am not sure if that's correct.
Any advice please?

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I haven't a clue on this one - have you tried researching it on the net?, if not ask your nurse at your Dr's they can provide info like this for you.

Kerry x

Survivor of IC since November 2002, finally diagnosed in Summer 2004. Had 4 cystoscopy's, 4 hydro-distentions, 3 urethral stretchers, 1 laparoscopy, 4 urodynamics, numerous ultra-scans, Cystistat and DMSO instils of which I have lost count, perform ISC, suffer with retention, pain, bleeding, frequency and urgency and now have a urethral stricture. Had botox injections in Nov 2014. I'm on ibuprofen and tramadol daily along with my other six daily tablets.

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Hey Crescent - I have heard this also. I know everyone recommends cranberry to help cystitis but it is very ACIDIC which the infection gets worse in.  Cranberry is known to have anti bacterial properties though but the acid levels kind of cancel this out.
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