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Hi all

I have given alot of urine samples of late so have been unfortnate to have to look at my samples and many times they are full of white floating flakes and I mean alot of them like a decoration you shake in a glass bowl to resemble snow flakes.  I know that this has been noted by some but is it pretty common?  Mazzie

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Yeah, I've always had that. I believe it's evidence of the cells of the bladder lining 'sloughing off' due to the constant inflammation.

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oh Gawd!! 

 I had it before  12 years ago when I had a 2 year episode of pain in that region (but not nearly as bad as this) I had so much trouble getting to the bottom of it I saw the flakes then , many many times, and had lots of tests all said normal. So I went to the Gum clinic  in despair and was told I had a very rare problem,  where I produced acid in my vagina , there was no cure but I should use the syringe with plastic tube they gave me to swill out my vagina with bicarbonate of soda for relief.  It eventually went of its own accord,  and I had a bit of a return a couple of times breifly for a week or so before periods over the years Then bam this!!!   and it was simliar to begin with so I though oh no its back ....but now its definately more bladder just those white things are the same which makes me think its related in some way.  Off now to purchase the proper Zantac !!  thanks Sue  Mazzie

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The flakes you refer to are perfectly normal - everyone has them to some degree. They may be worse if you have bladder inflammation as Sue says but don't panic about it - it's ok. I think my gp called it sediment and it's quite usual to find in all urine samples. M.


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thanks Maz I think they are normal to a degree just sometimes its shocking to see then other times its just a bit so I wont panic about it I am already panicked enough!!!  Thanks for your support  Mazzie x

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