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Has anyone got any info about whether fried food affects IC? I occsionally have a stir fry without the sauce and only "allowed veg" but i sometimes feel worse the next day - the same query applies to chips - again, they tend to be oven chips or very occasionally fish and chip shop chips. I cannot tolerate any chips from McDonalds etc as they are too salty, so i know the difference there.


Registered: Dec 2, 2003
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Hi Glynis,

I noticed that fried food tends to irritate my bladder too.
For the past few months, I had a drastic change in my diet and I have been eating very basic food (veggies and Fish) and for drinks just water. My meals usually are steamed or microwaved. This didnt make my bladder functions in a better way but if I eat anything else things tend to get worse.
My explanation is as follows: The chemical composition of food is very complex and any processing (cooking for example) that takes place makes changes in those chemicals. Oil molecular chains changes with high temperature and its ending becomes high with the element Carbon (C) and water. As for fried oil the degree of its unsaturation decreases and its acidity increases with heat. This is in the case of pure unsaturated fatty acid (ie the good oils like corn and sunflower oil, Olive oil doesnt tolerate as much heat and burns easily because it has a less complex chain) let alone those oils used by McDonald which are hydrogenated or solid at room temperature before heating therefore their transformation is drastic and more acid formation happens.
As you perhaps know nutritionists recommend throwing the frying oil after 1 use and always start with fresh oil. Again back to all fast food restaurants I don’t think they follow those advices for obvious reasons. So you can imagine the degree of acidity and rancidity of the oil used for their frying.

By the way when I mircowave my food I dont use plastic but I use a normal glass dish with a glass cover a (Pyrex dish).

I hope all is well and I think your new approach of stopping all medication and re-introducing one at a time is an excellent choice. I didnt have the courage as yet to re-introduce new food in my case as I have been really in bad shape for the past few months due to a flare that started without any triggers.
Best wishes, Suzanne

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Hi Suzanne
Thanks for the explanation. I too have a very boring diet - mainly only meat, fish, eggs and veggies with rice in all shapes and forms - i can't eat wheat or dairy.

When i cook, i always use either sunflower oil or virgin olive oil and only use tiny amounts. It is interesting that when i was treated for eczema by a very good chinese dr, her advice was "no fried foods, beef, dairy or prawns".

You seem to have alot of scientific knowledge - are you a scientist? Sorry to be nosey - only curious!

I hope your flare settles down - my symptoms are VERY erratic and i don't know how i am going to be from one day to the next. I am going to reintroduce my meds, but as they can both take a long time to work it is very hard to really tell if they ARE working in the short term.



Registered: Dec 2, 2003
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Hi Glynis,

Sorry I forgot to add that steamed rice is part of my diet.

Yes, your guess is right I do have a scientific background.
Like you my symptoms are very erratic. They tend to be affected by my hormonal cycle.

best wishes, Suzanne

Registered: Dec 14, 2003
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It is such a relief to read about how many othe people have to avoid the same foods as me. I ate a packet of Red Chille Sensations last night and feel bad today because I have just read on the label that they have MSG in them - does anyone else find they have problem with this chemical? I also find that I can eat other crisps or chips which I assume is to do with oil that Suzanne reported which is very interesting as I make my own chips now which dont cause a problem. I cannot even go near chocolate which is good as it keeps me slim but it is torture sometimes especially when everyone else in the office are tucking into a bar. In fact I have to avoid any product with sugar in it, does anyone know whether organic chocolate is better, which has a higher cocoa content? I also find that the only alcohol I can drink is Gin with slimline tonic which I have read is a big no no for some people, but am not sure why as it has a lower sugar content - or so I thought! As I am trainee Dietitian any more info from people would be appreciated!

Registered: April 25, 2004
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Hi Glynis,

I also have a problem with fried food. I now know I cannot tolerate any cooking oils. I do occasionally use a little virgin olive oil, as I have read on this site that this is better for you and I must admit I haven't noticed a problem with just having a very small amount. I even fill my chip pan up with virgin olive oil! which is very expensive but on the very odd occasion, when I can't resist chips, I think this is the better option.

I tend to grill, steam or microwave my food.


Registered: March 5, 2004
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Since I am in the U.S. I notice that my fellow posters use the term, "chips" and I am assuming that you mean what we call french fries in this country. Chips in the U.S. means potato chips...thin as paper and very salty. (unless it is a fish and chips resturant) I can't tolerate them at all. Tried a few McDonald french fries the other day and suffered slightly for my sin. Bottom line is that the salt will get me every time. I can tolerate a baked potato and mashed potato, but with only very light salt. One of you metioned your chip pan. Do you make potato chips or do you cut up potatoes and fry them in oil? Just wondering.
I use only olive oil and I can get by with Rice Vineger...very small amount.

Probably have the same experience some of you have had. You get to feeling better...think you are on a roll and then you start to live dangerously like I did the other day. I made myself a tuna sandwich with the devil, mayo. POW! I am trying to be real good. Prelief does help me. Before I go to bed, I have a cup of hot water and a slight shake of soda in the water. I just sit and sip slowly while watching tv or reading. I wake up with no irratation. It is really true, that everyone of us will tolerate different foods and others will not.

Registered: Dec 4, 2003
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Stir-frys make up a significant part of my diet, as I find I can throw a lot of veggies in and make them healthy.

I do not use any hydrogenated fatty stuff though..
UNREFINED sesame oil is good (might have sediment at bottom) and I also use grapeseed oil. Tiny amounts of them to help cook, then I get rid of it, can get juice from a meat marinade or from soaking bamboo shoots or something.

Gets around the fried problem and still have a yummy dinner.

Hope this helps,


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Thanks Gemma

I have started to cut down on the amount of oil and use as little as poss. I use extra virgin olive oil and before i was using sunflower oil.

I still find it hard to get the broccoli cooked when the pan is almost dry - anyone any ideas? Par boil it first? Bit of a chore.

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Hi Glynis,

I pour a little boiled water out of the kettle into my frying pan/wok when cooking veg and just keep stiring until the water dissolves and the veg is cooked. This way you don't have to use so much oil.

Hope you are well, I am still struggling with the hydroxyzine and have not moved up from the 10mg a day because it is STILL making me feel VERY tired!

Best wishes

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Thanks for that Alison - i had thought about adding water, but never tried it.

Sorry the hydroxyzine is still making you sleepy. It's funny how they all affect us so differently. I am taking 20mgs at night and then usually 10mgs in the morning as well. I do find it hard to get out of bed in the mornings, but then i always did and once i am up, i am okay.

Maybe you will get used to it in time - i hope so - i have readon that the uros say it takes at least 3 months to work and that people usually give up too soon.
Have you tried taking any higher dose? I know this sounds odd, but you may not be any more tired than you are on 10mgs, and it may help the bladder more.
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Hi Glynis,

No, I haven't tried a higher dose yet, I am just so bad on the 10mg dose. The other day I had to get up really early to go straight out and I just couldn't function, I felt drunk! I was banging into the wall and was all over the place, it's a good job a don't have to go to work, even my brain doesn't seem to function, I can't think of words or names - I was bad enough before, now it's just so embarrassing!!!

Still I am going to carry on persevering,I just hope it will get better - I can't say I've noticed any beneficial effect yet, but I live in hope, I go to see my uro in June so see what he says.

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