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I am intrigued by a website claim that Marie Goodwin has found the real cause of overactive bladder condition and promises a cure if one bought her Ebook costing about 30 US Dollars.
Has anyone tried her method?
Any feedback?

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Hmmm well obviously i don't believe this woman, as if there was a 'miracle cure' surely word would have gotten out and we'd all be free from it. I think if medical professionals haven't found an absolute cure then this is a scam, or perhaps treatment for whatever was her cause.

I've paid for something similar when i first got sick and it was a waste of money, called something like 'the ic solution' and it also promised this miraculous cure. The author angela kilmartin has helped some people i'm sure, as her 'cure' was all about hygiene and how that was the cause. Perhaps in some people but really it is a scam promising to cure everyone and that everyones situation is caused and can be cured by the same thing. I think it's pretty ridiculous.

Thing is i wish it was true and i hate these people trying to scam people who are really suffering and want a cure more than anything. My advice is to ignore it, but i haven't read it myself so perhaps someone else who tried it can let you know if it's worth it.

louisa x


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Yes I  bought the book.  It claims that the cause of OAB is too much salt.  The gist of the book is a salt free diet.

Tried it and it didn't work.

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Hello Olivia,
Many thanks for the feed back. I do not see an immediate relationship between salt and OAB but then I am not a doctor although I can understand that too much salt would result in water retention.  Certainly my salt intake is fairly modest.  Salt has been accused of being responsible for all sort of ills. However, I have heard doctors say that we need salt for our bodies to function properly. The answer is moderation perhaps. 


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Hi there,

I had a patient ask me about this e-book cure several months ago, and I tried to look into it. That is when I found she has written "cure" books for more than half a dozen diseases....constipation, IC, OAB, restless leg syndrome, irritable bowel, etc......

Imagine if just 10 people a day bought those books at $30 a pop, that is double what most people earn in a year.

PS: I just looked it up again on the internet, she even has a "guaranteed orgasm" method of having sexual intercourse.........there is something really fishy going on here.

Gentle Hugs,

Julie B

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Remember that old saying?
Marie Goodwin also advertises a secret cure for night-time leg cramps, she describes the condition exactly and claims that she has had the same problem and describes sitting at the computer in the middle of the night looking for a solution on the internet, just as I was doing.  For about $30 she sell an e-book with a money back guarantee.  I was feeling desperate and almost bought it.  Thank goodness I found something else that helped me at the moment.
This sounded too good to be true, so entered her name in a search line and like someone else here, found that she has the miracle cure for several conditions that are overwhelming.  
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