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Hi All

An update...ive had my laproscopy and do not have endometriosis, ive had the mirena fitted to see if i can tolerate it...boobs kills but other than that seems ok. Due a review on my bladder instills .... on one of the newer treatments that im told is only being done at Birmingham womens hospital, london and southmead in Bristol. But since feb although i havent been back in hospital its far from under control. im on elmiron too. I believe my next option will probably be bladder removal but as im only in my 30's looking to see if anyone has any other ideas.  I have a very extreme reaction to my IC, makes me bedridden 3 weeks a month as well as having bowel problems.....have nausea 24/7..was on same meds as chemo patients for the sickness but interferes with my bowel. Its very hard to cope with xx

14 bowel related ops to include Rectocele repair, STARR op, Rectopexy, Total colectomy. Diagnosed IC 2011/PBS 2012. Having weekly bladder instills, had mirena coil fitted. No endometriosis found.
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