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Does anyone know if a moderate reading of leukocytes on a urine stick would indicate interstitial cystitis? I am in a flare and have read that a moderate and high reading suggests inflammation but no antibiotics are working. Would appreciate your help. Thanks

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Oddly enough, I have used a urine stick this morning and there was no sign of leukocytes. I am wondering if this is because the bladder is less inflamed during the night and may actually increase again as the day progresses? 

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Hi Lynne888.

Unfortunately,I cannot answer your question.

However I do recall some info(from my old grey matter LOL!!!).
That sometimes Leukocytes being present, could be the Body trying to rid itself naturally of a bacteria).
The fact that in the morning you found the test clear , may prove this theory to be correct.

However I do hope that your flare is abating, and you can enjoy the weekend.


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Hi Kate
Thank you for replying.  I went to see my new GP yesterday and he said pretty much what you have said.  He said it was quite normal to find luekocytes in urine sometimes and the fact that it wasn't there yesterday obviously means that it didn't amount to anything. It could also be that there was blood in my bladder which overnight had settled down hence the different reading. I am almost frightened to say this, but yesterday was the best day I have had for a while. I was still frequently going to the loo but I didn't have pain in my bladder. I actually only got up once in the night to go to the loo so I am hoping the flare is subsiding. I can't build my hopes up because I have had a few good days and then it's come back! Thanks again

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I used to get prescribed antibiotics by my doc without them sending a sample off to the lab because there were high levels of leukocytes in my pee. They said this indicated an infection but I later begged them to send off a sample (after about 5months of being told every few weeks that I had an infection but finding no relief from the antibiotics) and no infection was found. Even the urologist found no bacteria - he also said IC didn't exist and sent me of with MORE antibiotics.

Leukocytes can be found during an allergic response and I believe that that is what happens to me. I have never had a proper diagnosis but more concluded that I must have IC considering all of my symptoms - my GP has said the same also but cannot make an official diagnosis and because I am adamant that I don't want any invasive tests I can't be officially diagnosed.

Lynne you may find that you feel better for a while and then next time you flare you get more leukocyte readings. This could be something you are eating causing a reaction because this is exactly what happens to me. Its worth thinking about because what we put into our bodies has a massive affect on our bladders - I know this because I am sitting here after nearly a year of no full on flares, about 5months of no twinges or heaviness. I got here by working out which foods/additives/body products caused me problems and I have avoided them ever since.

Full IC diagnosis. Currently in remission for over 3 years.
Intolerant to soy, gluten and potato. 
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